Shooting Range

Shooting Range Etiquette

bullettrap_logopicShooting ranges provide a safe and enjoyable place to practice your shooting skills and train with your firearm. They provide a safe backstop for bullets and they ensure that shooters shoot at safe targets and follow commonsense safety rules. However, shooting at your local range is a communal activity. While shooting is generally a very safe hobby, loaded weapons demand concentration and respect. Make sure you are aware of shooting range etiquette before you start visiting your local shooting range in Durban.

 Shooting range rules:

  • The muzzle of your firearm should always be pointed in a safe direction.
  • Your fingers should be off the trigger until you are on the firing range and your weapon is pointed at your target. Nothing angers a shooter more than having someone carelessly point a gun at them for even a moment.
  • Muzzles should always point down range. When you are packing up to leave and you’ve unloaded your weapon, the muzzle should be controlled and pointed in safe direction.
  • All range commands should be followed immediately. If the range officer (or anyone else) yells, “CEASE FIRE!” That means you immediately stop shooting and generally open your firearm’s action (to remove any chambered bullet), lay your firearm down on the shooting bench, and to be polite step away from it.
  • Don’t start shooting again until the range officer has yelled, “Commence Firing!” or “The Range is hot!” And, only fire, if you’ve verified that the range is safe with your own two eyes.
  • Don’t go forward of the firing range until a cease fire has been called. You are asking to be shot.
  • Don’t play the fool. Bullets don’t play, neither should you.
  • Don’t interfere with other shooters. Don’t tap them on the shoulder as they are about to shoot. Don’t interrupt anyone unless you see they are in some immediate danger.
  • Be respectful of the people around you. No swearing, shouting or political or racist trash talking.
  • Clean up when you are finished. Don’t leave a trashy shooting station for the next shooter. Throw away any ammunition packages, old targets, and other trash that you have generated during your shooting session.

If the rules are followed, then the entire community can benefit from a clean, enjoyable, safe experience at the shooting range. If you are looking for a professional shooting range in Durban, come and visit BulletTrap.